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Should You Hire a Helper for Your Small Business?

The Canadian government has just set up its budget for 2011, and there’s some big news that can help small business owners: there’s a new employment insurance hiring tax credit that will allow small businesses to hire on one new … Continue reading

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Who You Gonna Call? The Handyman!

Some people never call a handyman in their lives. When they have a leaky faucet or a broken window, they call a plumber or a window installer. And if you have the money for these specialists, that can work out … Continue reading

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Is Personal Training Right for You?

The phrase “personal training” can be scary to some: having someone on your back while you work out may seem intimidating, or it may just sound expensive! And it is true that personal training isn’t for everyone. But is it … Continue reading

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JobDeals How-To: Browse Local Services

It’s hard to come up with how-to topics for JobDeals because the site is so easy to use! But here’s one for the would-be customers: when you request a service you have to know exactly what you’re looking for. But … Continue reading

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Craigslist: A “Cesspool” of Crime?

The research company AIM Group has released a study linking 330 crimes—including 20 murders, 74 robberies, 31 assaults, and others –to the community ad site Craigslist.org. It also reports on a blog which tracks Craigslist crimes, called CraigsCrimeList.org. Craigslist CEO … Continue reading

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Locking the Job: Tip #2 – Find Your Customers!

You’ve signed up for Jobdeals and set up your profile. Your promo text is a masterpiece: well-written, focusing on your specialties and what makes you the person to choose for a job. You may be tempted to sit back, relax, … Continue reading

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Study: 40% of Youth will Start Own Business Ventures

Last week we talked about being entrepreneurs and how we came to start our own businesses. But a lot of us tend to think of small business owners as people who have already spent time in the work force, who … Continue reading

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Everyone has a skill – make some money on Jobdeals.com!

Everyone, even my Aunt Deborah, has some service they can offer, right? For instance, Aunt Deborah can watch or walk your dog. But more relevantly perhaps, maybe you know someone who is a guitar teacher, can tutor math or french, … Continue reading

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Security Verifications on Jobdeals

You might have noticed that every service provider profile on Jobdeals.com has a list of safety verifications they added to their profile. Craigslist is great, we all love it, but it’s really only functional for very low risk transactions.  When … Continue reading

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