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Pipe Installation Guide

We do not take into consideration the amount of energy wasted when pipes are not working fine. Most households would not worry about pipes until there’s no water in the faucet. Looking to save on energy? Get your pipes properly … Continue reading

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JobDeals How-To: Browse Local Services

It’s hard to come up with how-to topics for JobDeals because the site is so easy to use! But here’s one for the would-be customers: when you request a service you have to know exactly what you’re looking for. But … Continue reading

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What Do You Want Out Of A Plumber?

The short answer to the question of what you want out of a plumber—or how to choose a plumber –is simply that “it depends on what you want.” You would probably pick a different plumber when your toilet explodes (the … Continue reading

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Getting the Most out of Maid Service

Who hasn’t stood in the kitchen doing dishes and wished for someone to just appear and handle all of the cleaning chores around the house for them? Good news: it may be easier and more affordable than you think! Go … Continue reading

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Locking the Job: Tip #3 – Dress for Success

“Dress for success” is an old cliché, but it’s only tired because it’s true. How you look is, for better or worse, the key element to a first impression. While it’s possible to get past a bad first impression, your … Continue reading

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