The Best Way to Organize Your Kitchen Tools

The process of meal preparation and serving would be so much more enjoyable if you have a well-run, well-organized kitchen. However, life can get busy and hectic – it’s easy for things to fall into clutter and chaos. And, when things are a mess, you don’t want to bother with being in your kitchen at all. There is a way to stay away from the takeout menus and in front of your stove. A well-organized kitchen is possible – and it doesn’t take too much money or energy to achieve. This guide will show you great ways to organize your kitchen tools and make your kitchen look perfect!

Bins and Baskets. When it comes to organization, bins and baskets are your friends. They help create order even when their contents may night be stored very neatly. Use bins to store unused food storage containers, extra serving spoons, or fancy dinner napkins. You don’t have to busy yourself trying to hide them, either. Many manufacturers offer storage bins that are attractive enough to be part of our kitchen’s décor.

Relocation, Relocation, Relocation. Because the kitchen is often the heart of the home, lots of things end up there that shouldn’t be. Take some time to identify things that have managed to find themselves in your kitchen and deposit them in their proper homes. That means moving pens and pencils are cluttering up the counter to the home office, and those shoes, socks, coats and hats need to be relocated in bedrooms and closets. If you are low on space, you may even want to relocate kitchen supplies that you don’t always use. If you know that you only use your large serving platters on Thanksgiving, or your grandmother’s special tea set only on Mother’s Day, you may want to store them away in the attic during the rest of the year.

Figure Out where you Use What You Use. Organization isn’t just about getting rid of things. It may also be about changing how you use what you have. If you find yourself wandering far away from your stove to find your favorite stirring spoons over and over again, maybe you should store them closer to the stove. Clutter can come out of being too lazy or too tired to put things in their proper homes. Better storage placement also means it’s easier to put things away correctly the first time.

Using your Cabinets. Make sure your cabinets are clean, neat and clutter free. Stack dishes and cups to make the most of your cabinet space. Make sure everything is stored neatly so that you can see what you have. When storing food, group like products together so that you know what you have and when you need to restock.

Hanging Pots. Don’t forget that your ceiling can provide you with storage space. Hang large pots and pans so that they are up and out of the way when they are not in use. You can also find pretty ways to hang teacups, onions and potatoes so that you know where that they are and they aren’t making a big mess.

Don’t Neglect What You Already Have. Nowadays, people are looking to save money like never before. Save yourself some money by making sure that you are using the things that are already in your home to the best of their abilities. Make sure that all of your cabinets, shelves and drawers are being used. If they are, make sure their contents are organized to give you the maximum amount of available surface space.

Get Rid of What you Don’t Use. You might think it’s noble to keep that ugly soup tureen your mother-in-law gave you for a wedding gift, but if you don’t use it it’s just taking up space in your kitchen. Be honest with yourself. Get rid of anything you don’t use and have no intention of using. Donate canned good items that your family doesn’t like to a local food bank (as long as they are not past expiration and in good condition). Give bowls, cups and dishes away to other people who might find a use for them.

Shelving. Shelves are another great way to display the things you need in your kitchen. If your kitchen already has adequate shelves, use them and keep them clean and neat. If your kitchen doesn’t have any shelves, you can quickly and easily put on one or more on your own with little effort. Go to a local home improvement store or enlist the help of a good contractor. Put up a shelf and then use attractive baskets or bins to store your things.

Group Things Together. That means that all glasses should be together, all canned goods should be together, all food storage containers should be together, and so on. Save yourself the frustration of hunting for what you need by assigning everything a “home” and then sticking with it.

Look for Space in Unexpected Spaces. Look for unconventional spots in your kitchen to help organize your life. That might mean hanging storage containers from the inside of cabinet doors or maybe painting a wall with chalkboard paint to create your own reusable spot for your weekly shopping list. Get creative and have fun! Remember, the more you enjoy organizing your kitchen the more you’ll enjoy being there.

Good kitchen organization is indeed possible! All you need is a bit of determination, dedication and creativity. Figure out a good organization routine that works well for you and your life. Set aside a time and day to give your kitchen a good cleaning regularly. That way you won’t have a huge task to tackle.

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