Carpet Stains? No Problem!

You look around and see that carpet sporting the remnants of two kids’ birthday parties, one wayward bottle of red wine and several unfortunate pet incidents and you are now looking at that poor carpet that used to be so fluffy, so new, so white. A clean carpet makes your house look and smell better. Not only can dirty carpets sport ugly stains, they can trap bad smells inside the home. That could be why it’s such a big business. According to Consumer Reports, Americans spend $3 billion a year to have their carpets professionally cleaned. A good, professional carpet cleaning can turn back time on your home’s carpet, making your home as spotless as they day you moved in.

Here are some questions and answers that will help you revive the beauty of that precious carpet:

What kind of stain?

Not all stains are created equal. Some stains are harder to get out than others. Some easier stains to remove are things like ink, juice or excrement. Not all stains are created equal. Some stains are harder to get out than others. Some easier stains to remove are things like ink, juice or excrement. Things like blood, chocolate and vomit are a little more difficult to remove, so they require tougher cleaners. It’s also possible that you’re tackling something bigger like flood damage or cleaning up your rental property after some not so sanitary previous inhabitants. Take all these things into consideration when outlining a plan with your professional.

What’s your carpet type?

There are a many different types of carpet on the market. The most common carpet fibers are acrylic, blends, nylon, olefin (also known as polypropylene), and polyester, recycled and wool. The way the carpet is also variety in the feel of carpet. There are options like textured plush, Saxony and plush that lends different looks to your home while taking into account different kinds of lifestyles. The kind of carpet you have plays a huge role in what kind of cleaner you’ll use. Some carpets can’t take bleach-based cleaners. Some are more durable and can stand up to rigorous scrubbing better than others.

What can you do?

Help your professional by doing some of the work right when the stain happens. Blot the spot – but make sure not to rub or be too rough as that could just grind the stain in more deeply. Using cool or lukewarm water, mix up a dish detergent solution. Let it sit for a few minutes, then rinse. Repeat this process several times, but make sure you are gentle. Make carpet cleaning a regularly scheduled part of your home maintenance. Having the carpets in your home cleaned often will cut down on the work your professional will have to do the next time. Instead of having to tackle years of built-up stains, he or she may only be challenged with one or two. That will probably mean lower cleaning bills for you in the future, too. Find someone you can trust.

Is it worth repairing?

The lifespan of a carpet is anywhere from 10 to 20 years. If your carpet is badly stained and showing its age, it might be better to just toss it in favor of something brand new. Taking these tips into consideration could help your carpets have a brilliant future and keep any stains firmly in the past!

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