Tips and Tricks for Hiring Painters

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1. Plan In Advance
Not all painters have a strong sense of interior design, and even if the one you pick does, he or she may not be interested in giving a first-time client a bunch of free consult time. Make sure you have a good idea of what you want before calling in the painter so you don’t waste your time or theirs! They may still have ideas for you, but if you haven’t picked out your colors (or at least narrowed it down to only a couple of options), you may not be ready yet.

2. The Proper Paperwork
As with all contractors that you let into your home, make sure they are bonded (insured for damage to your property) and insured for workers compensation (in case anyone is injured in your home)!

3. Estimates and Contracts
Most painters will give you an estimate, but with ongoing projects it can be important to lay out the ground rules more concretely—in writing. That way you have a paper trail to prove the time frame and budget you agreed on, should things not go according to plan. (And remember: read the contract before you sign it!)

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4. Check Those References
Calling references can feel awkward, but it’s important before you let someone into your home. Planning your questions in advance will give you a bit more confidence on the phone. Ask what kind of project the painter did for the client, whether they communicated well, did they sign a contract in writing and provide a warranty, did they show up on time, did they keep the work area as tidy as possible, and did they finish the work on time and in budget. It’s also good to ask if they would hire the painter again.

5. Just One Wall
If you need to spice up a room but aren’t sure about going to the expense of hiring painters for every wall, consider this popular trend: paint just one wall, called an “accent wall.” This wall’s color may be something dramatic, like a bright blue-green next to plain white walls, or something softer that contrasts with the other walls of the house. Since accent walls stand out, this is an especially great technique for a wall that showcases your books or collectibles! It’s also a great way to pick up a painter for a quick job before deciding whether to hire them for something more major.

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