Running out of storage space?

Stuff stuff stuff! We all have it, and lots of us have far too much of it.

First step is to declutter. Amazing storage solutions are all very well and good but creating smart storage solutions is completely pointless if you’re storing clutter.

Next step is to review your existing storage. There are lots of solutions to add to your existing storage cupboards like racks, hanging solutions, extra shelves and more. Some of these solutions can be purchased but some you might need a carpenter or cabinet maker to install.

If you still don’t have enough storage, you can replace the storage you have with better solutions. For example, if your kitchen cabinets are shallow, adding a deep and tall pantry can work well – and sometimes it’s also a great idea to change a cupboard into a drawer with shelves as they can be much more convenient.

Then if all else fails, look at spaces where new cupboards or cabinets could fit and build more storage into your home. Lots of people have built in cupboards with space above them that work well for bedding and clothes out of season. Built in window chairs can have storage space under the cushions and built in shelves can not only look nice but create excellent storage space.

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