Budget ways to improve your home

Everyone loves a bargain, but a bargain that improves your home and how you feel when you’re in it – bonus! Here’s 8 things you can do on a budget.

Declutter your home

Clutter-free homes look and feel better, so use these tips to declutter your home.

Lighting changes

Overhead lighting makes people look uglier. Low placed lights can not only make people look prettier, but also make rooms look prettier. Light fittings are also important – anything from heavy wrought iron to paper shades, they all influence the feel of a room. Also, change your spotlights to light up artwork on the walls, or shift furniture around to be picked up by the lighting better.

Replace tap fittings and handles

Taps and handles are everywhere in your home, so replacing them updates your whole home. Consistency can also be important – so maybe thing about making all fittings the same. Fittings are fairly cheap and easy to replace.


We’ve already talked a lot about how painting your home improves your home’s value, so read about it here.

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