Why Now is the Perfect Time to Hire a Personal Trainer

Many of us are feeling the guilt this time of the year–the countless holiday parties, many nights of lavish dinner parties and dozens of Christmas cookies later; there we are standing on the scale wondering how on earth we have gained 10 pounds in these short months during the holiday season.

It’s best to jump start the New Year and put your plan into action now! Many of us lack the motivation, drive or even knowledge of how to make this possible– however with a little guidance and encouragement, a personal trainer can get you to where you want to be.


1. Motivation. Motivation is the number one reason people hire personal trainers. We all need a little, or perhaps, big kick-in-the butt to get us going sometimes. Personal trainers have this in their blood, and can encourage some of the laziest of people to get motivated to work harder to achieve the results they want.

2. Individualized Instruction. Let’s face it—we’re all different. Different body types, different goals, different schedules; so having someone who can plan a routine specially designed for us is crucial to reaching our goals.

3. Consistency. No one can achieve their goals without consistency. If you find it difficult to stick with a workout program, personal trainers can help eliminate these excuses by scheduling appointments to rid you of the excuses for not exercising.

4. Bored? Bored with your day-to-day workout routine? Yea, most of us are—but not with the help of a personal trainer. Their job is to keep you motivated and excited about working out so designing workout plans to change things up and shock your muscles is just a small piece of the puzzle.

5. Equipment. Working out at home and unsure of what equipment to use? No need to waste your money on useless home gym equipment, invest in a personal trainer and let them do the work.

6. Direction. You are thinking of starting a workout routine but have nowhere to start. Personal trainers will guide you in the right direction to achieve your goals.

7. Accountability. It’s so easy to hit the snooze button and sleep in on a rainy Saturday, however personal trainers hold you accountable to your commitments. This accountability not only keeps you motivated but also keeps you on track to your goal.

8. Safety. Safety is key to working out. Personal trainers not only guide you in the correct movements to perform an exercise but also monitor you during the workout to ensure the best form possible to avoid injury and maximize results.

9. Education & Nutrition. Personal trainers many times will play two roles—personal trainers and nutritionists. They will educate you on the best possible workout to get the results desired and also what type of foods you should be eating to ensure the best results possible.

10. Goals. Personal trainers can help you set and achieve your goals. Looking and feeling good is just a small part of the process but overall achievement of these goals gets you to where you want to be!

*Just in time for the holidays, hiring a personal trainer always makes for a perfect gift for the special someone who needs a little extra push! Find local personal trainers near you at www.jobdeals.com.

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