Adventures In Wedding Planning: 5 Easy Ways We Can Help

Ladies we all know how joyous and stressful wedding planning can be.  What turns out to the one of the happiest times in our lives; also leaves us with a huge headache and empty wallets at the end of the day.   One of the greatest causes of stress in wedding planning is the quest for perfection.

All couples want their wedding day to be “perfect” and even the minor little details seem to overwhelm us at times.   While you cannot eliminate all the stress inherent in wedding planning, there are resources that can make the planning process much easier.  Luckily, JobDeals’ service providers are here to help!

When you’re getting married, locating a reputable local entertainment service or wedding specialists can be confusing, difficult and time consuming.  Here are some services you might want to consider in helping you plan your big day—without having to spend hours researching and reviewing multiple sites.

1. Wedding Planner- Want to take the wedding planning stress away and enjoy your big day?  Sometimes we all just need a mediator-someone to come in and hear all sides of the story, compromise and help take the stresses way.  Enter the wedding planner.

2. Photographer-The wedding photographer can be the most important person at your wedding on the big day.  You worked so hard for months planning everything down to the tee for this very day, so of course you want to make sure you hire a photographer who will ensure to capture those essential details you worked so hard on.  Tip:  To help him or her out, provide them with a “must-take” photo checklist to ensure all your special moments are captured.  But don’t check off too many—you’ll want your photographer to have some time for his or her own creativity!

3. Caterer- Who doesn’t look forward to eating and drinking at a wedding?  After all, your guests just endured several hours of waiting, sitting, picture taking and watching you be the star of your big day; now it’s time to reward them a little.  Besides the location, the food and drinks for your wedding bash will probably consume the largest portion of your budget so hiring a good catering service is essential in making your day perfect!

4. DJ Services-Wedding Disc Jockeys can either make or break the success of your big day.  A wedding DJ is a once in a lifetime INVESTMENT, so take your time hiring the right person for the job.  The one thing that guests remember most about the wedding is the entertainment, so be sure not to cut corners on an area you may regret later.

5. Transportation-Often an overlooked part of the wedding process.  Figuring out wedding transportation-how many cars you need, what kind, and when—can be confusing.  Whether you choose a limo service for yourself and the wedding party or a shuttle for out of town guests; always be sure to book at least 6 months in advance; and even nine months in advance for weddings in April, May, or June, which is prom season.

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