10 Things To Consider When Hiring A Painter

As the summer starts to cool down many homeowners will be coming in from their gardens and focusing on the interior of their house. Homeowners who are considering hiring a painter to perk up their home- this post is for you:

Giving a room a fresh coat of paint can completely transform a space and make an old tired room breath new life. Once you have your color chosen there are still a few more choices to make.

After looking over reviews on our site regarding painting, it seems the majority of negative experiences on painting jobs occur when someone other than a painting professional  is hired to do the job. While you have a chance of getting lucky and saving a few bucks, you are far better off hiring a professional who specializes in painting if you are looking for a the perfect job.

Here’s a few things to consider when you are hiring a painter:

  1. Use Jobdeals.com to get several quotes easily. Not only are you shopping around for a good price, this can be an important time to get a sense of the type of people at the company and can be an indication of the type of job you might receive. What is the process for any changes to the bid?
  2. Find out who will be doing the work. Is it the same person doing the quote? Employees of the company? Or is there a crew being subcontracted?
  3. Read reviews and ask for references. If you are speaking to one of their previous customers, don’t just get a sense of their satisfaction level, also try to find out what kind of job they had done; you want to try and get a sense of a job that might be similar to yours.
  4. Ask the companies you are considering if they are insured and if they have any liability insurance should anything go wrong in your home.
  5. What preparation do you need to do before the painters arrive? Will the company be providing you with drop cloths and helping you to move necessary furniture?
  6. What brand of paint does the company use? What kind of durability does this product boast?
  7. What kind of preperation work is needed before the painting can begin?
  8. What is the payment schedule for the job to be completed?
  9. Can they help suggest colors and paint types that are best for your job?
  10. What kind of warranty or service agreement does the company offer? How can your satisfaction be guaranteed

We wish you luck in your painting project. Click here to have us get you multiple price quotes on painters in your area !

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