JobDeals How-To: Review a Service Provider

So, you hired your first service provider on JobDeals. Since our providers are all trusted and verified, they probably did a great job! But either way, you should let other JobDeals users know how it went. We make that easy—just write a quick review!

To write a review you must be logged in to your JobDeals account. Visit the service provider’s page and scroll down to “Reviews”, where you’ll see a box and some stars.

Star Ratings: Give an overall rating of your experience using the following guidelines.
One star – Very Poor. Did not arrive on time, performed the job inadequately, overcharged, or otherwise was more of a problem than a solution.
Two stars – Poor. Either got the job done adequately (but padded the bill, left a mess, or was difficult to work with) or didn’t (but had none of the other problems).
Three stars – OK. Completed the work adequately and there were no major problems, but nothing to write home about.
Four stars – Good. The job was done very well and in keeping with the time and price quotes.
Five stars – Very Good. The job was done spectacularly and/or service provider went above and beyond the call of duty.

The Review: Write a couple of sentences about your interactions with the provider. If you have complaints, be SPECIFIC! Try to avoid name-calling or ranting and stick to the facts of what happened. But hopefully you have nothing but compliments! If you’re not sure what to say, try answering these questions.

  • Did they show up on time?
  • Were you able to communicate with them effectively– did they understand what you wanted and deliver it?
  • Did they charge you about what they quoted?
  • Did the work meet your specifications, and was it done well?

Before you’re finished: Read over your review and then think about your star rating again. Does what you say in the review match the number of stars you gave the provider? If not, go ahead and change it.

Click “Save Now” and you’re done!

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